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The Fellowship by John Gribbin

The Fellowship by John Gribbin

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The Fellowship

The Story of a Revolution

by John Gribbin

 Allen Lane, The Penguin Group, 2005, [First Edition], b/w photographs, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0713997451

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'John Gribbin's gripping, colourful account of this unparalleled time of discovery explores how the Society grew out of a series of meetings of 'natural philosophers' in Oxford and London, and brings its prime movers to life, including: William Gilbert, the first man to test a theory by scientific methods; Francis Bacon, the extravagant, hedonistic philosopher who created the ideal image of the scientist; William Harvey, who carried out gruesome experiments on the circulation of blood; Christopher Wren, then more famous as astronomer than architect; Robert Moray, a spy for Cardinal Richelieu; the hot-tempered Robert Hooke, who transformed the Royal Society's fortunes yet whose work was written out of history; and his ambitious rival Isaac Newton, who finally established the model of a universe that follows precise mechanical laws, not the whims of gods.
This compelling book shows how the triumph of the revolution that changed our world - and still continues 350 years on - was ultimately not the work of one isolated genius, but of a Fellowship.'

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