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The Green Mosaic by Eric C. Rolls

The Green Mosaic by Eric C. Rolls

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The Green Mosaic:

Memories of New Guinea

by Eric C. Rolls

Thomas Nelson, Australia, 1977, [First Edition], 85 pages, ISBN 0170051528, hardcover, dustjacket

Fine Condition

'The poems in The Green Mosaic have been formulating for twenty-five years.  In the two months I was writing them, my concentration was so intense I seemed to be back in New Guinea; all the five senses worked and sometimes I became aware of things I had forgotten.  The aim of these poems is to make pictures.  Words and rhythm are paint and brush, selected so that the readers see, not hear.'

'The sixty-three poems in this collection are shattering in their beauty; intense, often erotic, they testify to the university of emotions and transcend cultural and racial barriers.'

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