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The Illuminated Alphabet by Jim Billingsley

The Illuminated Alphabet by Jim Billingsley

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The Illuminated Alphabet

by Jim Billingsley

Photography by David Sinclair

Axiom, Adelaide, South Australia, 1993 [First Edition], ISBN 0947338349, colour illustrations, full-page black and white illustrations, spiral-bound landscape paperback

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, a little rubbing to edges and corners, unused, no inscriptions, (see photographs)

"Jim Billingsly is a practising professional calligrapher and illuminator.  After many years of teaching these subjects he realised that a competent calligrapher needed a form of decoration.  this book was devised to meet that need,
the illuminated letter is almost as old as writing itself.  It was invented by the scribes and illuminators of the day to draw attention to the various parts or headings of a particular manuscriptive work.
This artform has enjoyed many revivals: more recently during the Victorian period, when the use of heavy decoration in most areas of designwork was at its peak.
Illuminated letters are easily perfected by closely following simple instructions.  Along with this need for decoration is a requirement to be able to practice this fine are inexpensively.  A simple, yet effective illuminating kit was researched and developed for this purpose."

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