The Keys To The Temple by David Furlong

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The Keys To The Temple

Unravel The Mysteries of the Ancient World

by David Furlong

Judy Piatkus, 1997, [First Edition], ISBN 0749917458, diagrams, grids and geometry throughout, hardcover, dustjacket

Fine Condition

'The Keys To The Temple presents startling new evidence about the history of mankind.  After years of research, David Furlong has discovered extraordinary patterns of alignments in the British landscape which link ancient sites and - incredibly - give a blueprint of the same geometric patterning found in the Great Pyramid in Egypt.  These detailed calculations prove beyond doubt that a society with highly sophisticated astronomical, mathematical and surveying knowledge was living and working in Britain 3000 years before Christ, much earlier than our current history records.  These events correspond exactly to the start of dynastic Egypt and to the beginning of the Mayan calendar.'

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