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The Land That Never Was by David Sinclair

The Land That Never Was by David Sinclair

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The Land That Never Was

Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Most Audacious Fraud In History 

by David Sinclair

Da Capo Press, 2004, b/w photographic plates, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0306813092

As New Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'Once upon a time, in the heart of Central America, there was a country named Poyais.  It was exceptionally rich in natural resources and culture, and it was governed by the brave and enlightened Scottish soldier Sir Gregor MacGregor, who became its ruler after his heroic exploits in the fight for South American independence.  On a cold January morning in 1823, a group of Scottish immigrants looking for a new life set sail for this tropical Eden.
The only catch was that it didn't exist.
Two months later, the ship landed on the swamp-ridden Mosquito Coast and the settlers realised they had become the victims of one of the most elaborate hoaxes in history.  The land they'd been sold was nonexistent, and the banknotes and guidebooks they carried with them were nothing but half-decent forgeries.  The Land That Never Was is the true story of the man responsible for this remarkable fraud - Sir Gregor MacGregor, an eccentric rogue as lovable as he was scurrilous.'

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