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The Lost City of Solomon & Sheba by Robin Brown-Lowe

The Lost City of Solomon & Sheba by Robin Brown-Lowe

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The Lost City of Solomon & Sheba

An African Mystery

by Robin Brown-Lowe

Sutton Publishing, 2003, [First Edition], b/w photographic plates, b/w illustrations, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0750930330

Near Fine Condition, Minor edge and shelf wear

'In the heart of south-central Africa there are remains of monuments, ruined cities, temples, forts, irrigation terraces reminiscent of the classic civilizations of the Egyptians and Phoenicians. The most recent aerial surveys suggest there could be more than 15,000 derelict stone structures, each complex associated with abandoned gold mines. In this work, Robin Brown-Lowe explores the early origins of the mines which funded the largest stone-building civilization south of the pyramids. His interpretation demonstrates strong links to the mighty civilizations of ancient north Africa and proposes that the zimbabwe culture's gold sustained the gold-hungry pharaohs of Egypt and the gold-loving King Solomon and his lover, the Queen of Sheba. The author's conclusion links all these theories together using incontrovertible DNA evidence. The book reveals how the truth about the zimbabwe culture has been radically influenced, indeed suppressed, throughout recent history by white and black political interests, struggling to redefine Zimbabwe's identity. This is the story of discovery and detection in one of the most mysterious ancient civilizations.

... a gripping story of discovery and detection set in one of the most mysterious ancient civilisations.  It will appeal to all those interested in African history and archaeology and to anyone fascinated by lost cities, ruined temples or abandoned gold mines.


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