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The Ninja | The Miko by Eric Lustbader (omnibus)

The Ninja | The Miko by Eric Lustbader (omnibus)

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The Ninja | The Miko

by Eric Lustbader


Diamond Books, 1994, ISBN 0261662759, hardcover with illustrated laminated boards, dust-jacket

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, no inscriptions, front fly leaf missing, dust-jacket shows minor edge and shelf wear (see photographs)

“The Ninja – Nicholas Linnear, half English, half Oriental, is about to enter a terrifying world of merciless assassins bound by the blackest codes of honour and skilled in the deadliest martial arts.
Caught between East and West, a past he can’t escape and a destiny he can’t avoid, he is trapped in a web of old lust and present passions that will converge in a terrifying moment of revelation and revenge.
The Miko – More than a decade after the events of The Ninja, Nicholas Linnear returns to Japan.
He has agreed to accompany the ruthless tycoon Raphael Tomkin to negotiate a deal that could revolutionise the computer business.
But the more he penetrates the poser maze of modern Japanese life, the deeper he finds himself immersed in the ancient rituals of death.”

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