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The P.L.O. Connections by John Laffin

The P.L.O. Connections by John Laffin

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The P.L.O. Connections

How has the wealthiest, most bloodthirsty terrorist organisation in the world become accepted - even respectable?

by John Laffin

Corgi, 1983, paperback, ISBN 0552120901

Good Condition, pages yellowed (age), very faint pencil underlining on one page, ex-library (see photographs)

'The PLO has been hitting the headlines since 1964.  It's leaders move in the corridors of power - it has offices and paid staff in many countries, including Britain.  Yasser Arafat himself addresses the United Nations General Assembly, pistol on hip.  PLO members have carried out many hundreds of violent attacks: hijacking, bombing, kidnappings, massacres and individual murders.  It is financed not only by grants from the Arab oil states but by trafficking in drugs, blackmail, extortion and theft.'

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