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The Round Art by A. T. Mann

The Round Art by A. T. Mann

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The Round Art

The Astrology of Time and Space

by A. T. Mann

Dragon's World Limited, 1979, [First Edition], colour and b/w images, photographs, illustrations, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0905895193

Near Fine Condition, book has minor rubbing to edges, minor edge/shelf wear, dustjacket has some edge wear and shelf wear (see photographs)

'The Round Art is a definitive textbook of astrology which correlates this ancient science and art to modern psychology and physics.  It is intended to reach those who have not previous knowledge of astrology, as well as those who know and practice the art.  Astrology is the round art of wholeness which links the personal, internal world of the psyche with the collective, external world of events and physical phenomena.  It is not an isolated 'occult' practice, but rather a universal system of correspondences - the common property of all men.
Among the original features of The Round Art is the first presentation of a Time Scale for use in interpretation and prediction, as well as a chapter, unique in astrological literature, on the technique and implications of the astrological reading.  The author presents complete analysis of: the Birth Horoscope of the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung; the Ascendant-Personality of the psychiatrist R. D. Laing; Solar Arc Directions of the life of Adolf Hitler; the Solar Return yearly prediction for Lenin during 1917-1918; and the Transits of the day that Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency of the United States of America.  Also included are the horoscopes and pictures of 48 well-known individuals.'


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