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The Rush That Never Ended by Geoffrey Blainey

The Rush That Never Ended by Geoffrey Blainey

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The Rush That Never Ended

A History of Australian Mining

by Geoffrey Blainey

Melbourne University Press, 1994, fourth edition, b/w photographs, paperback, ISBN 0522845576

Fine Condition, a little edge-wear otherwise like new.

'Australia is one of the greatest sources of mineral treasure.  The finding and development of minerals, oil and natural gas have influenced Australian racial attitudes, unionism, religious life, law and politics.  Out of the ground and the sea has come wealth to create a host of industries.  Geoffrey Blainey's absorbing history has rightly been acclaimed as the authoritative account.  For this fourth edition, new chapters have been written to bring the story up to the early 1990s.

They include the tapping of natural gas on the North-West Shelf, the emergence of Australia as the world's largest producer of diamonds, the finding of the huge Olympic Dam field in South Australia, the swift revival of gold mining, the ups and downs of uranium mining, the powerful role of the environmental crusade, and the return of the mining industry to the level of national importance it held at the turn of the century.'


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