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The Search for Shangri-La by Charles Allen

The Search for Shangri-La by Charles Allen

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The Search for Shangri-La

A Journey into Tibetan History

by Charles Allen

Little, Brown and Company, 1999, colour photographic plates, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 0316648108

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, 

'In 1982 the writer and traveller Charles Allen published a book called A Mountain in Tibet, about Mount Kailas, a holy peak for Hindus and Buddhists, who regard it as the centre of the Universe.  However, over the years following its publication, Allen came to the conclusion that he had missed a vital element of the story, and that Kailas and the mysterious kingdom of Shang-shung also served as the spiritual home of a pre-Buddhist religion called Bon.  But was there any connection between Bon, Shang-shung and Shangri-La?  Taking Hilton's book as his starting point and after a great deal of original research, Allen set out to discover what lies behind the legend.
An astonishing story emerges.'


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