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The Signature by Vic Stone

The Signature by Vic Stone

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The Signature

by Vic Stone

Alpha Visuals, 2005, ISBN 0959210377, paperback, signed by author

Fine, unread condition, Signed and inscribed by author

'The Signature follows the path of a young volunteer in the Australian Army who is posted as a member of the 2/22 battalion to Rabaul in New Britain, an island off the coast of mainland New Guinea.  Within months the Japanese capture Rabaul (January 1942) and the order 'every man for himself' is given.  With no plans in place for either evacuation or escape, the very ill-equipped Australian soldiers are either captured, killed or left to escape into the jungle.  With no news of their soldier's fate, his family can only live in hope that he is still alive - either as a prisoner of war or hiding in the jungle.  Months after the war, information which his close-knit family in South Australia anxiously awaits finally arrives from unexpected quarters.  The news climaxes this both poignant and bittersweet tale of love, honour, and bravery set in the captivating beauty of the volcanic coastline of Rabaul and the hostile jungles of New Britain.'

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