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The Spotted Deer by J. H. Williams

The Spotted Deer by J. H. Williams

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The Spotted Deer

by J. H. Williams, Illustrated by Stuart Tresilian

Rupert Hart-Davis, 1957, [First Edition], in text illustrations, hardcover, dustjacket

Near Fine Condition, book in fine condition, dustjacket has edge and shelf wear with a few small tears and foxing

'The theme of trust runs through the book: the trust between man and animal, as exemplified in the beautiful incident of the Spotted Deer whom he meets fearless in a jungle on the North Andaman; the trust between man and God, as exemplified in the astonishing survival of the crews and passengers of the troopships Briton and Runnymede wrecked on the Andaman Archipelago in November 1844; and trust between man and man, the trust that brings out the best in Archie, the young forest officer with a weakness for women, in young Bruno in whom even his father does not believe, in Nga Moh the convict promoted to lead his fellow prisoners in a forest expedition in the virgin forests of the Andaman Islands, and in Tun Gyaw whom the author chooses as his personal servant even though Tun Gyaw is serving a life sentence for having tried to murder him.'

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