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The Tale Of The Lazy Dog by Alan Williams

The Tale Of The Lazy Dog by Alan Williams

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The Tale Of The Lazy Dog

by Alan Williams

Anthony Blond, 1970, [First Edition], hardcover, dustjacket

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear, dustjacket has some edge and shelf wear (see photographs)

'One night, on an airfield in South East Asia, a young American M.P. was on sentry duty outside a breeze block shed marked 'U.S. Govt. Property.  Keep Out'.  He stumbled upon one of the most expensive secrets in the history of modern warfare.  Later, drunk, he babbled in a bar.  A conspiracy mushrooms, gathering an odd assembly of plotters; Murray Wilde, an Irish university lecturer, shrewd, intellectual, and unattached; Sammy Ryderbeit, the free-booting Rhodesian Jew expelled from most of the hot-spots of the world and now a pilot with a "fly anywhere - drop anything" charter airline; Jacqueline Conquest, a French girl unhappily married into the C.I.A.; an English banker with a curious job in a curious country; and behind them all M. Chalres Pol, the obscenely fat agent for an unknown interest.  "Lazy Dog' is a plan so ingeniously simple that it has to succeed.'

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