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The Valkyrie Operation by Wensley Clarkson

The Valkyrie Operation by Wensley Clarkson

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The Valkyrie Operation  

The True Story of a British Agent's Battle Against the World's Deadliest Arms Dealer

by Wensley Clarkson

Blake Publishing, 1998, 289 pages, ISBN 1857821971, black and white photographs, hardcover, dustjacket

Fine, Like New Condition

'It was a warm spring morning in 1990 when chambermaid Silvia Cabrera opened a wardrobe in room 1406 at the Carrera Hotel in Santiago, Chile and jumped back in horror. Slumped in the closet, his neck hooked to the clothes rail with a shirt, his face hooded by a pillowcase, lay the body of a young man naked from the waist up. Thus began one of the most extraordinary mysteries in the recent history of British espionage. The murdered man was 28 year old former RAF pilot Jonathan Moyle. He was in Chile to cover FIDAE, a military trade fair, in his role as editor of the publication Defence Helicopter World. After his body was found, British government sources began in insidious campaign. Moyle had committed suicide, they said. He was a pervert who died whilst indulging in sexual malpractice. A Chilean judge charged with investigating the murder claimed his enquiry was obstructed by the unwillingness of British officials to co-operate. The truth, Author Wensley Clarkson reveals in this fascinating book.'

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