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The Veiled Lands by Christine Hogan

The Veiled Lands by Christine Hogan

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The Veiled Lands

A woman's journey into the heart of the Islamic world

by Christine Hogan

Macmillan, 2006, colour plates, paperback, ISBN 9781405037013

Very Good Condition, a little edge and shelf wear (see photographs)

'Like many Australian's, journalist Christine Hogan viewed the Islamic world with a mix of fascination, bemusement and apprehension.  But overcoming her trepidation, she decided the only way to gain any understanding of Islam - the religion, the culture and the people - was to see things first-hand.  So began a journey of discovery through Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and the Gulf States.
While coping with stroppy camels, plagues of locusts, and getting lost in the Sahara and a souk or two, Christine also came to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the Middle East, and a kindness and hospitality unrivaled anywhere else in the world.  In short, she soon found her old assumptions making way for new insights.'

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