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The Wakefield, It’s Water and It’s Wealth by Jean V. Moyle

The Wakefield, It’s Water and It’s Wealth by Jean V. Moyle

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The Wakefield, It’s Water and It’s Wealth

The Story of a Winding River

by Jean V. Moyle

Illustrated by Mervinia Masterman

Published by Author, 1975, [First Edition], ISBN 0959842500, black and white illustrations, illustrated endpapers (maps), paperback

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, no inscriptions, uncreased spine (see photographs)

“(preface and Introduction) - It is not the intention of this story to provide history, in every detail, of towns or of people, for such has already been done, of so many country towns.  But items of interest will be stated where they help to explain what created a town, and what still enables a town to exist.  Also, reference will be made to the good that some men and women do, which, in this case, shall not be ‘ interred with their bones’.  The story touches but lightly on the success of some of the people destined to live all, or part of their lives within the Wakefield district.  To the the Wakefield water was the “Water of Life”.
I am very glad to introduce and recommend this book produced by three women who love and enjoy the River Wakefield country where they live.
The land where we live and work always has its own special quality.  Whether it be wet or dry, by the sea or inland, hilly or plain, each kind of land has its own beauty.  But this beauty takes time to grow on us, and places, like people, respond to our interest and affection.  We meet in it the people of the river, past and present.  We see reflected in their lives the rich variety of humanity.  We can thus appreciate the area all the more by the courtesy and work of the authors.”


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