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The World Guide to Spirits by Tony Lord

The World Guide to Spirits by Tony Lord

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The World Guide to Spirits

Liqueurs, Aperitifs and Cocktails

by Tony Lord

Rigby, 1979, [First Edition] ISBN 0727007920, illustrated end-papers, full-colour photographs throughout, large format hardcover, dust-jacket

Near Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear, dust-jacket shows minor edge and shelf wear (see photographs)

"Which is the smoothest malt whiskey, which the finest brandy?  How to make the perfect Dry Martini? Which after-dinner liqueur for tonight's meal? If Galliano makes a Harvey Wallbanger, what does Strega do?
The business of keeping a well-stocked drinks cupboard used to be simple and straightforward.  Then came single malts, Armagnac brandies, tequila and pisco.
Whiskey was Scotch, Bourbon or rye.  Then came Irish, Canadian, and even Japanese.
Once, drinks were served with an olive or a lemon slice.  Then came flambeed liqueurs, the salty kiss of tequila, the sunrise of grenadine."

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