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Time-Slip by Johnannes von Buttlar

Time-Slip by Johnannes von Buttlar

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Dreams: A Parallel Reality

by Johnannes von Buttlar

Translated by Nicholas Fry

Hutchinson Group, Sidgwick and Jackson, 1978, hardcover, dustjacket, ISBN 009137040X

Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'Almost every day strange events occur for which we have no explanation - nuclear missiles disappear from the sky only to reappear days later in the same place, English ladies on holiday get mixed up in the fate of Marie Antoinette 100 years previously, a police patrol car is transported to a far distant town in a fraction of a second, a respectable citizen acts out his dream and commits murder ... and these things happen, they are observed and reported.
Johannes von Buttlar has recorded all these events and discoveries because they have two things in common: they all raise the question of whether what we see, what we perceive and experience, is a dream, a deception, or reality, and they all actually happened, whether we consider them to be a dream, a deception, or reality.' 

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