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TM by Nat Goldhaber

TM by Nat Goldhaber

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An Alphabetical Guide to the Transcendental Meditation Program

by Nat Goldhaber

Ballantine Books, 1976, [First Edition], ISBN 0345240960395, graphs, diagrams, black and white illustrations, paperback

Very Good Condition, some edge and shelf wear, some rubbing and bumping to edges and corners, small chips and tears to edges and corners, uncreased spine, creasing to bottom corner of last dozen pages, (see photographs)

“The TM program is not a belief, a philosophy, a religion, a life-style, a diet, an exercise, a set of rules; nor is it unpleasant, fattening, or weird.  The TM technique is not concentration, contemplation, self-hypnosis – or difficult.  It cannot be learned from a book or record or television.
The TM technique is unique, easy, effortless, enjoyable, energizing, fun.  It takes seven brief sessions to learn, and is practiced for twenty minutes twice a day, morning and evening.  Best of all, this TM stuff works.  Scientific studies have confirmed that the TM program reduces stress, increases intelligence, expands awareness, and improves health.


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