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Tomorrow's Islam by Geraldine Doogue and Peter Kirkwood

Tomorrow's Islam by Geraldine Doogue and Peter Kirkwood

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Tomorrow's Islam

Uniting age-old beliefs and a modern world

by Geraldine Doogue and Peter Kirkwood

ABC Books, 2005, [First Edition], paperback, ISBN 0733315437

Very Good Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'Originating from the acclaimed ABC television Compass special of the same name, tomorrow's Islam is a thoughtful and highly accessible insight into Islam from the perspective of two curious - and at times critical - Western journalists. Drawing on extensive research and interviews with leading progressive Muslim thinkers and leaders from around the world who are grappling with an accommodation between modernity and Islam, this compelling work considers the following issues: How does the world move on from September 11? Are most Muslims for or against terrorism and jihad? Is there really a clash of civilisations? Can the Muslim world embrace democracy? Are Muslims in the West ghettoised or leading reform? Are Islamic women repressed or autonomous? And regarding the future - is there cause for optimism or pessimism? At a time of grave unease and confusion in the world, tomorrow's Islam addresses some of the most complex questions.'

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