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Transposing at the Piano + Modulation at the Piano by J. Raymond Tobin

Transposing at the Piano + Modulation at the Piano by J. Raymond Tobin

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Transposing at the Piano in 3 Stages


Modulation at the Piano in 3 Stages

The Step By Step Series of Practical Musicianship Booklets

by J. Raymond Tobin

Joseph Williams, 1936, sheet music throughout, staple bound paperbacks

Very Good Condition, both booklets in very good condition with minor edge and shelf wear, considering age, pages age-toned, minor discolouration (see photographs)

"The value of practical transposition neither begins nor ends with the ability to transpose a piece of music into some other than the printed key.  Apart from the accompanist or organist, the occasions when such a power is required may be rare; but throughout the whole course of music-study there is a continual demand for the musicianship which it develops."

"Modulation is an important ingredient in music, and knowledge of it should be live and practical.  It must be made a reality, through the keyboard.  Key-signatures have an importance which warrant their appearance at the beginning of every line of music.  Yet a key-signature is a reliable guide only up to the moment when the first change of key occurs."

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