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Tycho and Kepler by Kitty Ferguson

Tycho and Kepler by Kitty Ferguson

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Tycho and Kepler

The Strange Partnership that Revolutionised Astronomy

by Kitty Ferguson

Review, 2003, ISBN 0747266557, paperback, lightly illustrated

Near Fine Condition

'The tale of these extraordinary men, and the enormous contribution they made to astronomy, is one of the strangest stories in scientific history.

Kepler was a poor, devout teacher with a genius for mathematics, Brahe was an arrogant, extravagant aristocrat who possessed the best astronomical observations of the time.  Both pursued separate theories which seem bizarre to modern minds but their fateful meeting in Prague in 1600 was to change the future of science.

Set in one of the most turbulent and colourful eras in European history, when medieval gave way to modern, Tycho and Kepler is a brilliant, highly original double biography of these two remarkable men.'

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