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W.J. Dakin's Australian Seashores - Revised & Illustrated by Isobel Bennett

W.J. Dakin's Australian Seashores - Revised & Illustrated by Isobel Bennett

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W. J. Dakin's Classic Study Australian Seashores,

Fully revised and illustrated by Isobel Bennett, A.O., M.Sc.

'A guide to the temperate shores for the beach-lover, the naturalist, the shore-fisherman and the student.'

Angus & Robertson, 1987, 411 pages, 0207155615, HC/DJ, slight buckling to bottom corner of pages.

"Australian Seashores is all about the common animals of the seashore - what they look like and how, when and where to collect them. Did you know, for example, that barnacles are really crustaceans, related to crabs and lobsters, not molluscs; or that there is a sound-producing "snapping prawn", which scares enemies with a built-in water pistol. Australian Seashores also answers a multitude of questions about the sea. How are waves formed and what causes them? What determines the colour of the sea? What is Plankton and did you know that it is the food of all marine creatures from tiny fishes to giant whales? It also explores the seashores, from the mud flats of mangrove swamps, to the rock platforms uncovered at low tide ..."

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