Wild Flowers of the World: Paintings by Barbara Everard, Text by Brian D. Morley

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Wild Flowers of the World: Paintings by Barbara Everard

Text by Brian D. Morley

Octopus Books, 1973, 432 pages, 0706403215, large format hardback, dust jacket, full colour illustrations throughout,

Very Good, Near Fine Condition

'The lore of flower life stretches back into antiquity, blending into the legend, religion, and magic of the world's ancient peoples.  Man was first intrigued by the splendors and curiosities of wild plants, prompting him to breed the familiar garden varieties we know today.  From the hundreds of thousands of wild flowers Brian D. Morley has chosen a selection from around the world to illustrate why man was attracted to flowers and to demonstrate how intriguing these natural wonders can be.  Utilizing the paintings of a superb botanic artist and skillfully combining precise scientific description with information of a historical, anecdotal, and practical nature, he presents the plants chosen for his survey in a way that satisfies the curiosity of the botanist, the gardener, and everyone who is moved by the beauties of nature.'


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