With Malice Aforethought by Bill Wannan

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With Malice Aforethought 

Australian Insults, Invective, Ridicule & Abuse

Selected and Annotated by Bill Wannan

Lansdowne Press, 1973, [First Edition], 128 pages, 0701802472, b&w illustrations, hardcover, dust jacket

Fine Condition, minor edge and shelf wear

'When the great and the famous step down from their pinnacles of power and self esteem and indulge in name calling and attempts at public ridicule of their enemies, the shedding of the aura of position and sagacity is as dramatic as it is delightful.

Their fall is a correspondingly uplifting experience for the common man who, well versed in the daily routine of abuse and snide criticism, sees it publicly applied by those he thought above it.

Who has not reveled in the indignities of parliamentary abuse, or watched an edifice of authority or respectability crumble under a single, well placed thrust of malice in print or from a public platform?

Bill Wannan's collection of Australian curses and vituperation's includes both public verbal bludgeonings and the subtle barbs and twists of the knife that have seemingly equal capacity to leave the victim spreadeagled and defenseless.'

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